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Driver runs stop sign in Heidelberg, collision kills 5

A serious injury resulting from car accidents is, unfortunately, a risk for every driver. But driving is a part of life in America, including for Pennsylvanians, and it is nonetheless the obligation of each and every motorist to exercise due caution while operating a vehicle.

With these issues in mind, our readers in Pottsville may want to consider the circumstances of a deadly car accident that happened recently in nearby Heidelberg Township.

According to police, a 22-year-old driver ran a stop sign, and his vehicle was struck by a tow truck that was hauling another truck at the time. The young driver of the car and his three passengers, all in their late teens and early twenties, were killed, as was the 58-year-old driver of the tow truck. The sole survivor of this tragic accident was a passenger in the truck.

Given that police have already determined that the accident was caused by a failure to stop at a stop sign, the grieving families of the victims may have grounds to pursue civil claims for damages. Running a stop sign can be regarded as negligent behavior in court, and victims or their families may be entitled to compensation after a crash.

As this recent tragedy makes all too clear, the victims of serious car accidents are not the only ones affected. The family members of victims are left to deal with the devastating effects and aftermath of a collision, and while nothing can bring back a lost loved one, families in Pennsylvania do achieve some measure of solace through our state’s personal injury and wrongful death laws.

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