Schuylkill County DUI Accident Lawyer

If a drunk driver's negligence seriously injured you, or if a drunk driving injury to your loved one proved fatal, resulting in wrongful death, our experienced Pottsville, Pennsylvania, personal injury lawyers can provide the answers and results you deserve.

At our established personal injury law firm of Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C., serving clients in Schuylkill County and surrounding areas for almost 30 years, we go after the drunk driver with every weapon in our arsenal. We gather the facts of your collision with a drunk driver, use them in skillful negotiations with insurers and hold the motorist charged with DUI accountable in a court of law.

Contact Fanelli, Evans & Patel to speak with one of our compassionate attorneys in a free initial consultation. Call now, toll free: 800-858-1532. If your injuries have confined you to your home or hospital room, we can arrange to visit with you there.

Assisting Drunk Driving Accident Victims in Pottsville

Our attorneys bring decades of combined experience with detailed investigation, negotiation and aggressive litigation to your quest for justice — justice in the form of financial compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, motor vehicle repair or replacement, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

Dedicated to Protecting Your Legal Rights in Pennsylvania DUI Accident Cases

Drunk driving accident claims we can handle for you and your family include:

Restaurants, bars and grills, and drinking establishments can also be pursued as negligent when an overserved customer takes to the wheel, causes an accident and injures you. Pennsylvania's dram shop laws allow us to execute your drunk driving accident injury claim for reasons of social host liability — and potentially seek punitive damages on your behalf.

As you recover from the drunk driving accident that injured you, you do not have to worry about what our quality personal injury legal representation will cost you. Fanelli, Evans & Patel lawyers operate strictly on a contingency fee basis. We cannot be compensated for our efforts unless we win your case and collect a settlement damage award for you after negotiation or at trial.

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We are dedicated to protecting your rights from start to finish of the legal process. With our client-committed attorneys on your side, you can count on our hard work, legal knowledge and keen client commitment to give you the best chance for positive results. For a free initial consultation with a skilled Pottsville DUI accident attorney, call toll free: 800-858-1532. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in any way we can.