Pottsville Wage and Hour Claim Attorney

Unfair overtime practices, concerns involving inadequate break times, and other disputes involving wage and hour claims are far too common in Pennsylvania. Some employers feel as though they can take advantage of their employees and get away with it. At Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C., we hold these companies accountable for their improper actions.

If you have issues involving a wage and hour dispute, contact a skilled overtime dispute lawyer at our office. You can call the firm at 800-858-1532 or contact us online.

Resolving Wage and Hour Disputes Throughout Schuylkill County

No matter what type of issue you are having with your employer regarding your hours, we can help you resolve it. We have experience handling all types of concerns, including:

  • Not being paid for overtime
  • Not being offered adequate breaks
  • Failure to pay travel time
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Misclassification as an independent contractor, rather than an employee

If any of these concerns are happening at your workplace, please reach out to an experienced lawyer for guidance. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve and hold your employer accountable for its actions.

Getting to the Cause of Your Claims

Unfortunately, wage and hour disputes can arise from other employment law concerns. From discrimination based on gender or religion to race and age, we have handled it all. No matter what the underlying reasoning is for your employment law dispute, we can help you get to the bottom of it.

Reach Out to Our Pottsville Attorneys for Overtime Claims and Advice

Serving clients throughout Berks County and Schuylkill County, we help individuals with all of their employment law concerns. If you have questions regarding a wage and hour dispute, contact our office today online or by phone at 800-858-1532.