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Every employee has certain basic rights. If you have been the victim of discrimination or harassment at your workplace in Pennsylvania, an experienced employment law attorney who is dedicated to protecting your rights can help you understand the legal options available to you.

Our Pennsylvania employment and civil rights lawyers have the answers and results you need when disputes arise in the workplace. We are Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C., in Pottsville.

Experienced Schuylkill County Wrongful Termination Attorneys

Our Pottsville law firm is aggressive, detail-minded and client-focused in the practice of employment law — and have been for almost 30 years of successful practice. You can benefit from our lawyers' 90 years of combined experience with every stage of employment disputes.

We listen carefully to your side of the story, investigate your claim of discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination, and can pursue a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, or a lawsuit in state or federal court if necessary.

After years of loyal service to your Schuylkill County employer, you should not have to confront issues such as a hostile work environment or whistleblower retaliation. At Fanelli, Evans & Patel, our attorneys help the victims of these harmful practices to pursue justice through private legal action, administrative action and more.

Fanelli, Evans & Patel — Dedicated to Protecting Your Legal Rights

Our skilled employment lawyers work hard to safeguard our employee clients' interests when confronted with workplace issues such as:

  • Age discrimination
  • Sexual discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Discrimination on the basis of religion, national origin, pregnancy or disability
  • Discrimination in hiring and promotion
  • Reverse discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Whistleblower retaliation
  • Hostile work environment
  • FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) issues
  • Wage-hour and overtime issues
  • Equal pay claims
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Severance agreements
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements

Harassment is defined as any conduct that oppresses, persecutes, intimidates or threatens. One form of harassment is the creation of a hostile work environment for a person or group of people. Another type of harassment is "quid pro quo" sexual harassment.

Retaliation cannot be committed against you by your employer for witnessing, reporting or complaining about discrimination, harassment or abuse — or for acting as a whistleblower if you believe that a co-worker, supervisor or business owner has done something illegal.

To bring a case against your employer for wrongful termination, you must have been fired without cause. Employees have been dismissed due to sexual harassment, discrimination or reporting the employer for dishonest acts.

Have your rights been violated at a Pennsylvania workplace? You should not have to give up your job or pursue a different profession because of legal problems at your business. For a free initial consultation with the experienced Schuylkill County employment attorneys of Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C., contact us by a toll-free call to 800-858-1532 or by e-mail. If you need an evening or weekend appointment, we can provide it.