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Studying the statistics of car accidents

We all know that cars can be dangerous. But many people, including those living in and near Pottsville, Pennsylvania, may not fully appreciate or understand just how often accidents occur, or how many accidents affect those of us living in the United States.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's website offers multiple statistics regarding car accidents and their inherent dangers. While most car accidents are relatively minor and might lead to some damage to motor vehicles, serious accidents also occur, claiming the lives of tens of thousands of Americans each year.

Protecting children from car accidents

There is nothing more cherished to a parent than the health, safety, well-being and happiness of a child. Yet, according to statistics from The Journal of Pediatrics, children often fall victim to deadly motor vehicle accidents due to the negligence of a parent. A deeper look at the study shows some alarming trends.

According to the study, 95 percent of parents improperly install car seats in their car for newborns. And 75 percent have the car seats facing the wrong way. Among fatal accidents between 2010 and 2014, approximately 20 percent had children with no restraints or improper restraints. Almost 16 percent of children from those crashes were killed. And 43 percent of those killed were improperly restrained or were unrestrained. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of 2 stay in rear-facing backseat car seats. Throughout the United States, car accidents are the leading cause of injury among children.

How do truck accidents occur?

The laws of physics tell us that the larger the vehicle, the harder it is for it to accelerate, slow down or change direction. This may be taken for granted for motorists who hop in their car and share the roads with trucks, which are far bigger and heavier than traditional cars.

While some accidents are true "accidents" and cannot be avoided, it is not uncommon for an accident to occur due to another person's negligence. Truck drivers often stretch their time on the roads to meet deadlines. This means a driver may have violated federal trucking regulations with regards to the hours they are allowed to drive, often leaving them distracted or drowsy while on the roads.

Baby injured at birth receives $23.1 million in settlement

Every parent's worst nightmare became a reality for a couple in Tinley Park, Illinois, when they learned that their newborn child suffered serious complications during birth that would lead to life-long health problems. According to the attorney of the case, the infant victim was not properly treated and suffered from massive blood loss, did not receive the proper transfusions and now suffers from brain damage, cerebral palsy and epilepsy as a result of the neonatologist and the hospital's negligence.

During the delivery, a large puddle of blood was found on her bed. In addition, there was no heart rate on the monitor. An insufficient amount of blood was then ordered and arrived late. The young victim will now need aid for "every single bodily function in her daily life," according to the attorney. The mother had to quit her job as a program manager for a Boys and Girls club following her daughter's injuries. This case can be used to show the importance and responsibility of medical professionals to provide competent care to their patients during all medical procedures.

State data shows distracted driving is increasing

New technology has been a boon for Americans and people throughout the world, but inherent issues still arise with each new electronic toy that reaches the market. Walk into any mall or café and you will see that one of today's fades throughout the United States, including the Pottsville, Pennsylvania, area is the popularity of smartphones.

As fun and convenient as smartphones may be for people today, they can cause serious problems on the roads, leading to thousands of accidents, injuries and even deaths each year in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. And, as bad as the statistics may be, the Pottsville Police Chief said the statistics might still be understated. According to statistics provided by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts and PA Courts InfoShare, citations have risen by 52 percent across the state.

Protecting loved ones from nursing home abuse

It is never an easy decision to send a loved one to a nursing home. But, as we age, sometimes we start to lose both the mental and physical abilities to take care of ourselves. Add to it the likelihood that we are not as healthy as our younger years and may require frequent or constant medical attention, and for many families entering the sick or elderly into a nursing home is a wise decision, knowing that the family member will be assured the proper care they deserve.

While a majority of nursing homes throughout the United States, including those from Pottsville and Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, area provide quality care to their patients and residents, there are times when abuse or neglect occurs. It is not uncommon for victims to be unable to report such abuses.

Be mindful of motorcycles on the roads

Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer. This also means that more people will be outdoors, including an increase of motorcyclists on the roads. Motorcyclists pose specific dangers to those on the road and are susceptible to their own inherent set of dangers that may be overlooked by most of us driving in cars.

Having just gotten past the cold wintery season, those on the roads may not yet be used to sharing the streets with motorcycles. Add to it the fact that motorcycles are significantly smaller than cars and are therefore harder to see, and we could have a recipe for disaster.

Holiday weekend means more drunk drivers on the roads

Throughout the United States, including in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, people recently celebrated Cinco de Mayo. Unfortunately, this also means that after a night of celebration, many people headed back to their cars and got on the roads after having too much to drink.

Drunk driving not only jeopardizes the safety and lives of those driving drunk and their passengers, but also pedestrians near roads and all other cars out on the roads. Even if you haven't had any alcohol and you are on the roads, you are not safe from drunk drivers.

Accident between car and tractor sends one to hospital

When drivers get behind the wheel of a car they are often aware of the inherent risks that they may come across. Accidents between two cars are common. Truck accidents are less common, but could lead to serious or even catastrophic injuries. There are always other dangers on the road as well, such as bad weather causing ponding on the roads or downed power lines or trees. In rural areas, there might be additional hazards, such as deer or even runaway cattle. And, as one driver learned last week, slow moving tractors can lead to an accident.

The incident occurred on April 19, when a 2002 Ford Mustang travelling eastbound on Phinneyville Road around noon collided with a farm tractor travelling in the opposite direction. Both the car and the tractor were severely damaged in the crash. The 61-year-old female driver of the Mustang, from Ringdown, Pennsylvania, suffered injuries and was taken to St. Luke's Hospital-Minors Campus, Coaldale by paramedics for treatment.

What do I do after a car accident?

As we know, an accident can happen to any person at any time. Although we may take all necessary precautions to avoid an accident, we cannot vouch for everyone else on the roads, or account for bad weather or unforeseen hazards on the roads. When an accident does occur though, it is important to know what to do. To protect yourself, your health, and the health and safety of others involved in the crash.

Immediately following a car crash, you may not think rationally or make the wisest of decisions. But knowing in advance what should be done may help guide you if you do find yourself in such a situation. Here are a few important steps you should take. Some may seem obvious, others not so, but all should be followed to assure the best for you and everyone else involved in the crash.

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